Krypto-Trade Charitable Foundation

Enhancing Smart Future
The actions of the Charity are designed solely and exclusively for the benefit of children.

We are convinced that social responsibility is one of the core components of business. In 2018, Krypto-Trade established its own Charitable Foundation to contribute to the social well-being of the most vulnerable local community of least developed African countries.

Our charitable foundation focuses on Africa as the region that needs the most support right now. In Africa, there is still a large gap between the economic, financial and social situations in different countries. Due to poor satisfaction of basic human needs in the region, such as health, nutrition, safety, we assist in solving these primary problems. In turn, this contributes to the overall level of development, the achievement of favorable conditions for education, development, and self-realization of young people and their families.

The objective of the Foundation is to benefit children who, due to reasons beyond their control, cannot enjoy the basic privileges and comforts that every child should be able to enjoy.

In Africa we cooperate with local charitable foundations that are well aware of the problems that should be solved in the first place. We also help local foundations to implement their programs.

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